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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PosterOven?

PosterOven is a free web-based tool for brick & mortar business owners (or social media consultants on their behalf) to easily create, download, and print posters and signs. These signs can be used to engage customers or passers-by in already existing online social media marketing (like a Facebook page, Twitter account, Yelp page, Foursquare location, etc).

Why should I use this?

Bridge your social media marketing from online into your real physical space to retain and re-engage past and existing customers and catch the eye of new potential customers. Amplify the effectiveness of your social media marketing by collecting more and more fans and followers every day while strengthening your brand and delivering your message at the same time.

Browse through PosterOven's professional poster templates to find the right look that will resonate with your customers. In only minutes and without any registration required, create, download, and print your first poster. You won't believe how easy it is to enhance your social media marketing with real physical posters and signs!

How does it work?

PosterOven provides an easy web-based wizard that lets you customize and create posters promoting your social network presences (Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Foursquare, etc.). The end result is a downloadable PDF that can be printed on any desktop printer or professionally at any local or online print shop. Hang it on your wall, place it next to your register, put it in your storefront window or front door, or anywhere else. When customers or passers-by see the poster, they can scan its QR codes or type the addresses into their mobile phones to connect with your business' existing social network marketing efforts.

How do I print my poster?

When you download your final PDF from PosterOven, you can simply print it right on your desktop printer (inkjet, laser, or anything else). Every major computer manufacturer and operating system can open and print PDFs natively just by double-clicking on them (if it didn't open up automatically already when you downloaded it).

When you print from your computer, you will usually have the option to change print settings immediately before the document is sent to the printer. we recommend changing the print quality to "fine" or "best" or "photo" (different printers call this different things). Increasing print quality like this will cause your printer to use slightly more ink, which results in a dramatically bolder and more visible sign. And for a really crisp looking final product, you can try printing on glossy or photo paper if you have it.

Alternatively, if you want very high quality output, thicker stock paper, enlargements, other enhancements, or if you don't have or want to or know how to use your own printer, then we recommend a professional print or copy shop (such as FedEx Kinko's). These can be found everywhere in every major city (Google Maps search), and can usually print a short run of products in a few minutes for just a few dollars. When you download your final PDF from PosterOven (which will usually be smaller than 1 MB), you can quickly copy it to a USB memory stick and bring it along to the shop (or pull up at the print shop itself and do the whole thing there). They will help you get a fantastic looking sign for a very reasonable price.

What should my poster say?

There's no one way to write your poster. You might try a promotional tone that pushes hard on getting people to follow/like you. Or maybe thank them for their business and let them link with your social networks if they're curious. Or if you have information to give (changing business hours, class schedules, upcoming sales, new products, etc.), use the poster as a way to tell your customers, and once their eyes are drawn to it, they're likely to connect with your social networks as well. You might also want to tell people that you send out regular coupons and discounts as loyalty rewards (assuming you actually do this of course, which is a good idea anyway), so they should follow you on Facebook or Twitter to take advantage of those offers. There are so many uses for a PosterOven poster, you should just try a few and see how it goes!

Where should I hang the posters I print?

Create a poster, download the PDF, and either print it yourself or have it professionally printed almost anywhere. Then you can hang it on a visible wall of your store, hang it in the hallway by the restrooms or in the stalls where you have a captive audience, put it in a plastic sign holder next to your register or on a table, tape it to your front window, tack it to a communal bulletin board, ask an affiliated or related store to hang it up there, or anywhere else.

The idea is to put it up where not only your customers will see it, but other potential customers too. This way you maximize exposure and will grow your social networks the fastest. So print a few and display them in different places. You can even customize the content depending on where you're going to put it (e.g. a bathroom sign should assume an existing customer, whereas a front window sign should be more oriented toward getting somebody in the door).

How much does it cost?

PosterOven is currently free! We hope you enjoy it.

Do I need to register?

PosterOven currently does not require registration. Just get started!

What if I need help?

Please visit our contact us page to get in touch with our friendly support team.

I run a website. Can I offer PosterOven services to my users?

PosterOven is easy to integrate with. You can send your users into the poster wizard with a fully customized design already pre-filled. Check out our API Integration Documentation for details.

I'm a blogger. Can I write an article about PosterOven?

Sure, and we'd love to help! Feel free to contact us. We can help explain anything, give quotes, provide logos or other media, or anything else you need. Help yourself to our logos and button images too. If you're writing for a high traffic blog, we'd appreciate a heads up before you publish so that we can ensure our site remains available to your readers. Thanks!

I'm an artist. Can I submit a design for other people to use?

If the quality and style is appropriate for our service, we'd love to include your art or templates for our users, and would be happy to link back to your portfolio or web site. Please contact us for more information on file formats and details.

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